Workshop Overview

Family Bridges is a 4-day workshop to help children reunify with a parent. Family Bridges offers an opportunity for participants to begin restoring a positive relationship in a relaxed setting with engaging videos and other material.

The workshop’s primary goals are twofold:

  • Help children adjust to the transition of living with a parent from whom they are alienated while the children’s contact with their other parent is suspended by the court for an extended period of time.
  • Improve the quality of the parent–child relationship.

The Family Bridges workshop is a structured, 4-day, educational experience in which the rejected parent and one or more alienated children participate together without any other families and without the presence of the other parent.

The workshop is scheduled as close as possible to the date court orders place alienated children with the rejected parent and apart from their other parent, or, in the case of recovered abducted children, upon their return.

Referrals to Family Bridges come from courts, child custody evaluators, therapists and counselors, attorneys, and child representatives (such as guardians ad litem, amicus attorneys, and best interest attorneys).